The KP-32 IndustryPack module has 32 inputs/outputs arranged as 4 ports of 8 bits. Each port can be configured as a 0-60vdc input, or can drive a 60v load to ground. The KP-1 modules uses state of the art BGA packaging and TSSOP devices to make this one of the densest IP-modules ever made. True programmable hysteresis, interrupts on all channels, over-voltage protection and over-current protection make this a truly versatile board.


KP-32 Features


  • High Density I/O – 32 Channels per module, 160 Channels per carrier.
  • High Voltage – Can handle 60v inputs/outputs, internal circuitry to clamp inductive spikes to 90v max.
  • High Current – Can drive 100ma on each channel. Internal circuitry can detect over-current situations and shut down the board.
  • Programmable Hysteresis – On board DACS allow setting the set/reset thresholds on a per port basis from 0-60v. High Speed Outputs and input good through 2mhz.
  • Programmable pullup/pulldown – Board can set a resistor bank to pullup/pulldown mode in software, solving power sequencing problems.
  • Analog Input – Real voltages can be measured on each input channel. Can be used a a 32-Channel low-bandwidth oscilloscope.
  • On board resistor-networks – No need to mount external pull-ups. Of course it is possible to remove the on board networks to make use of external ones.
  • High input impedance – Standard input impedance of 240k ohms. Other values available upon request.
  • Power on reset – All outputs are guaranteed to be high impedance while the board is powering on.
  • Output read back – Inputs can be simultaneously enabled with the outputs to verify a state change.
  • No wait states – All transfers to/from the IP-1 module require zero wait states, freeing bus bandwidth for other purposes.
  • Customizable logic – Includes a 250k gate xilinx spartan-3e that can be used to implement custom logic.
  • Interrupts – All channels can be set an interrupt source.
  • SDK – Includes software development kit which demonstrates accessing the various features of the board. Out of the box support for acromag pci carriers. Code can easily be adapted to any system.
  • Firmware upgrades – Updated firmware can be loaded over the IP-Bus interface.

Download the KP-32 User Manual.


IP-1 User Manual

KP-1 User Manual


The most advanced Discrete IO card yet