Announcing the first in a series of new products, Io-1

Named after the innermost Galilean moon of Jupiter Io, Io-1 is the first in a series of interplanetary capes planned for the Beaglebone, Beaglebone Black, and Raspberry Pi.

Designed for those who plan to change the world, and possibly the universe, the Io-1 LPT cape provides a way to connect 5 volt external hardware over a standard 25 pin D-SUB connector.

The cape is fully compatible with Linux LPT driver allowing standard printers and scanners to be used. It can work with x86 software for accessing parallel port directly with minor modifications, allow bitbanging, and even EMC2. This allows the Io-1 to run on Beaglebone with the similar timing as PC platforms.


Logo for the Io-1, a beaglebone LPT IO cape.


1. DIY print server with cups and samba.

2. Robotics and automation – Run EMC2! Steppers, servos, switches.


  • Precision - Better timing than GPIO access.
  • Elegance - Io-1 only uses 12 of the Beaglebone GPIO pins
  • Size - Beaglebone is much smaller than a x86 SBC.
  • Energy Savings - Very low power consumption.
  • Function - True +5 volt I/O 
  • Compatibility - Standard DB-25 Pinout, so old project guides can be easily adapted to Io-1 cape on Beaglebone.


Io-1 Beaglebone cape hardware


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